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Modern Sacred and Western Chamanism

When does Nature become sacred ? What brings the ideas of cult and ritual into the objects that are surrounding us ?
I started my exploration by slowing down and taking time to look around. What if the idea of sacred was coming from a displacement of focus ? Strange and unnatural combinations ?
The final form of this research is an installation, combining three videos, a soundtrack, and a sculpture. It is recorded in the last video Final Installation Film.

If you have time only for one video please watch the Final Installation Film.
Research_Micro Macro 001
Research_Micro Macro 002
Research_Micro Macro 003
Research_Film Still 003: Fly Prophecy
Research_Film Still 004: Underwater
Research_Film Still 005: Pollen Pod
Research_Film Still 002: Aurora
Final_ Film Still : Aurora Mountain
Final_ Film 1 : Aurora Mountain
Final_ Film Still : Stones Pod
Final_ Film 2 : Stones Pod
Final_ Film Still : Floating Rock
Final_ Film 3 : Floating Rock
Final Installation Film